LoMIS Suite

In 2014, eHealth Africa (eHA) began building a suite of mobile and web applications LoMIS Stock and LoMIS Deliver to address the supply chain challenges. Using LoMIS Stock, health care workers (HCWs) can bypass the traditional (slow) paper-based reporting system and submit reports instantly using an app on their mobile device. LoMIS Stock enables supervisors get near real-time visibility of stock level at health facilities for planning and descision making.

The data from Lomis Stock can be used to plan and schedule product deliveries to re-stock health facilities. Built specially to aid drivers during delivery to health facilities, LoMIS Deliver automates the process of the paper based ledger entry, to capture quantity delivered, on-hand quantity at health facilities.


Logistics and Supply Chain

Public health systems in developing countries face several challenges in ensuring the distribution and availability of life-saving commodities, these include

Substantial degrees of stock-outs and wastages at last mile health facilities

Late deliveries of commodities to health facilities

Poor underlying infrastructure

High cost of printing, delivery and logistics using traditional paper-based systems

High rate of unaccounted commodities in transit or storage

Cumbersome reporting process resulting in delays in decision making


LoMIS Suite Products

Together, eHA’s LoMIS Stock and LoMIS Deliver applications provide critical solutions to health commodity availability, vaccine management challenges and enable broader health system policy decisions at the state level and national level.


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